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NEW Spring 2021

Sunset Musings

By Bob Johnston

Sunset Musings

Join columnist Bob Johnston as he watches the sunset and reflects on many topics from the springtime of his youth: schooldays, sports, family life to the world we live in now.
Some chapters:
My Piggy Bank Caper
The Day the Music Died
It's All Downhill From Here
The Toronto-Selma Connection
Only an Hour for the Earth
The Queen and I
Let's Play Ball
A Corvette on the North Atlantic
Running Around
....and forty more

From the Foreword by Sandy Lindsay, editor/publisher of the online Saugeen Times: ~ gems of wisdom that, more often than not, are interspersed with Bob's dry wit and sense of humour.


To view Sandy Lindsay's interview with Bob, click here


Images Cover of book
cover art by Kenneth L. Thornburn
book details:   128 pages   8.5 x 7.75 inches
ISBN 978-1-896922-73-7   quality softcover
PRICE in Canada $22.00 Available spring 2021


Coming soon - June 2021


Lynne Porter

Strong in my Skin cover  

Lynne Porter explores a small community around a lake on the Niagara Escarpment, above those she has written about in two previous books. With family stories—and many archival photographs—she takes readers back to the pre-1950 glory days, when Lake Charles had a school, a store, and its own public library.

Illustrated generously with Lynne's detailed sketches.
100+ pages   8.5 x 7.75 inches   quality softcover
ISBN 978-1-896922-74-4
Canadian $20.00  available June 2021


A companion to OXENDEN The Way It Was and BIG BAY NORTH KEPPEL The Way It Was, both available now.


Released summer 2020




A novel for young adults by Cori Mordaunt

Will Lindsay, son of the Point Clark lightkeeper, is nearly thirteen—old enough to put down hay, drive the old horse for the school-day run, and catch wild turkeys with his friend Angus. When his father must leave for town, Will takes responsibility for the light. He has practised in the lantern room during calm weather, but a hurricane-force wind is blowing. Ice clouds the windows through which the beacon must shine to aid ships in danger on Lake Huron.

Cori Mordaunt vividly portrays realities of The great storm of 1913 as Will struggles to Keep the Light Burning.

  Cover art by Phil McDonald

  156 pages     ISBN 1-978-896922-72-0 C$15.00 retail in Canada

Available as a download Student Activity Guide by Craig Campbell (.pdf)
Ideal for classroom use or home-schooling, the guide includes worksheets, chapter summaries, and a list of resource


Learn more from this short slide show Slide Show (.pdf)


Cori Mordaunt talks about writing this book, and reads from it. Video


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