Young Adults [Grade 6 up]

Aggie's Dream

Agnes Macphail in High School
By Donna Mann

Aggie's Dream cover

Aggie's years at Owen Sound Collegiate: classes, debates, friendships. Can you imagine her excitement when she entered the grand assembly hall where debaters and orators shared the stage?

This new book shows Agnes Macphail's determination not to let town ways intimidate her as she moved closer to her dream of teacher training. By doing well academically, playing basketball, and taking part in the Literary Society, she proved she could do anything she set her mind and heart to.


194 pages
$20.00 in Canada
ISBN 978-1-896922-46-1

Aggie's Storms

By Donna Mann

Aggie's Storms cover

As a young girl walking along a country road to school in Grey County, Ontario, she dreamed of teaching children like her sisters and their friends. Family, classmates, and neighbours knew Aggie as a determined, clever, fair-minded girl who spoke her mind.

None of them knew that, one day, the people of her community would elect her, Agnes Macphail, Canada's first woman Member of Parliament.

by Donna Mann

"There'll be lots of storms in life, you just have to pick the ones you're going to venture into," Grandma Campbell told her.

Aggie's Storms takes readers back to 1900, when ten-year-old Aggie lived in a log cabin in the Queen's Bush. Follow her schooldays at SS #4, Proton Township, her work in the family's garden and home, and her challenges as a girl with a dream. The author of two books for adults and many articles in newspapers, Donna Mann lives in Grey County, Ontario, where she has led the movement to mark sites important in the life of Agnes Macphail.

136 pages, softcover, full-colour cover
$15.00 in Canada
ISBN 978-1-896922-37-9

Aggie's Voice

Agnes Macphail in Stratford
By Donna Mann
Agnes Macphail's Story Continues in Forthcoming Book

Aggie's Voicecover

In 1908, knowing that women teachers faced restrictions and unequal pay, Agnes Macphail lived her determination. At Stratford Collegiate, she told fellow students, "I believe that one's ability, attitude and natural gifts dictate a direction a student should go." To Aunt Maggie, whose home she shared while attending Stratford Normal School, Agnes declared, "I want to be the best teacher I can be."

This book follows Agnes through practice teaching, promenades with her beau, and her growing awareness of society's problems. . .and her commitment to become a strong voice for those who cannot speak for themselves.

Donna Mann's has recreated Agnes Macphail's childhood in Aggie's Storms and her Owen Sound years in Aggie's Dream. Now, Aggie's Voice completes the series.

Donna Mann says, "This trilogy is for young minds and the young-at-heart who want to learn about or remember Agnes Macphail."

Cover design by Irv Mills C&I Graphics. Images courtesy of Grey Roots and Stratford-Perth Archives.

178 pages softcover
 $20.00 in Canada
 ISBN 978-1-896922-57-7

Fiddle and Fly

By Neil Aitken

Fiddle and Fly cover

Egremont Township, 1867. Thirteen-year-old Ernest Wood tells of his life in a squatter's family: clearing land, tending the trapline, field work and barn-raising. But there's fun too, as he becomes friends with neighbours, especially Robert Aitken, a fellow fiddler.

When Pa leaves to serve with the military, Ernest, his mother and sisters cope at home.

Inspired by the real-life experiences of his ancestors in Canada West, Neil Aitken has crafted a novel to intrigue readers young and old with the adventures of two lads in the Queen's Bush.

184 pages, Quality Softcover     $18.00     ISBN 978-1-896922-38-6

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More Tales of the Unusual

By Diane Madden

More Tales of the Unusual cover

More Tales of the Unusual takes readers to some of Ontario's most intriguing places to explore the odd and eerie.

100 pages, softcover
$9.99 in Canada
ISBN 1-896922-23-6 978-1-896922-23-2


Stowaway in the White Hurricane

An adventure novel for tween and teen readers.

Stowaway in the White Hurricane


    Thirteen-year-old Lucy Clark is a fast runner and a girl with spirit, but she hates the nickname Lucy Landlubber. Defying her bullies and her fears, she hides aboard the Great Lakes freighter J. S. McConnell, where her father is wheelsman.

When they leave Cleveland, Ohio, on Friday, November 7, 1913, loaded with coal and other goods for ports on the Ontario coast, no one knows they will be caught in the Lakes` worst storm--the white hurricane. Like a nightmare come true, Lucy and the McConnell crew face fierce winds, high waves, and dangerous cold.

Barbara Aggerholm has drawn on accounts of the historic storm and her own experience as a newspaper reporter to create a tale of high drama and heroism. Stowaway in the White Hurricane is her second novel for young readers.

Cover art created by Phil McDonald.

116 pages softcover
$15.00 in Canada
ISBN 978-1-896922-56-0

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Tales of the Unusual "True" Mysteries of Bruce and Grey

By Diane Madden

Tales of the Unusual cover

Need a campfire tale with a little tingle? Looking for spirited stories to enjoy by the beach? Diane Madden has collected a fascinating record of unexplained happenings and strange feelings, all set in the Bruce-Grey area.

Now in its fifth printing

90 pages, softcover
$9.99 in Canada
ISBN 1-896922-06-6 978-1-896922-06-5

Yet More Tales of the Unusual

Collected by Diane Madden

Yet More Tales of the Unusual cover

Mysteries in our history Diane Madden's third collection takes us from the Bruce Peninsula to Great Lakes Erie and Ontario, and from past to near-present. What do Beautiful Joe, Tom Thomson, Jack the Ripper, and The Girl With the Blue Eyes have in common? They-and tales about them-show up in this book. Hauntings, rum runners, and "pennies from heaven" all appear in this new collection of usual happenings

100 pages quality softcover
$9.99 in Canada