Shelley Norman

Shelley Norman has lived all her life on a family farm near Kincardine. She attended local schools, often writing stories and comic strips for fun. Later, she created storybooks as gifts for a friend’s child, and received encouragement to seek a publisher. Shelly says, “I wrote Bruce County Counts because I’ve had trouble finding good counting books to use in my childcare business.” She also noticed there are not many books for children that match this area. “I hope this book gives kids interesting things to count that they can see close to home.” Farming is important in Shelley’s life. She and her husband, Corey, operate a beef cow-calf farm. Shelley says, “I think it is sad how many kids don’t really know where their food comes from.” She hopes that the adults who read Bruce County Counts will take the opportunity to talk about farming and food with the children who colour the pictures.